Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have energy audit done in only one utility of an industry?

Yes, you can have energy audit done in only one utility such as Boiler System, Furnace System, Chilling System, HVAC System etc. or only one system such as Electric System, Thermal System etc

What is the criterion for determining the size of the industry?

The size of the industry is determined as per the categorization from Government of Nepal. Please go to classification of Nepalese Industries (hyperlink)

How much an industry needs to pay for full energy audit?

The cost depends on the size of an industry, the days needed for assessment and report preparation. Please write to us your industry details: name, sector-product, place, industry size, production size etc.

Do you offer Energy Management training Course online?

We have plans for the online training courses; full energy management course as individual course on individual energy system. But, we do not offer online training at present

When the next Energy Management Training will be organized?

Next energy management training will be organized soon. Please wait for advertisement. Please provide your detail so that we can inform you in personal.

Who can participate in Energy Management Training?

A fresh engineering graduate can apply for the course or a graduate with any other discipline with at least one year of experience in industrial energy management.