Energy Efficiency Training

Orientation for Top Management

Orientation for Top Management

A half day orientation of energy system in the facility together with energy saving and financial, environmental, social benefits of energy efficiency to the decision makers of the facility for informed decision making .

Energy Management Training for Engineers

A five day training programme designed for the facility managers and engineers to enhance energy management capacities. The programme consists of theories and field experience on but not limited following topics and areas of energy efficiency.

  • Energy efficiency scenario in Nepal
  • Energy Audit, energy management and ISO 50001
  • Energy efficiency in thermal utilities
  • Energy efficiency in electrical utilities
  • Financing models of energy efficiency implementation
  • Project management basics
  • Key Energy Audit equipment

Energy Management Training for Engineers
Operational Training for Operators

Operational Training for Operators

This spot-on training is targeted to the operators of the equipment, machinery, particular system, housekeeping etc. of the facility. The training could be designed on any relevant energy efficiency topic or energy consuming equipment/system based on requirement with the objective of improving the energy efficiency or saving energy from effective operation of the system/equipment. The topics could be

  • Housekeeping
  • Furnace Efficiency
  • Boiler Efficiency
  • Lighting system
  • Motors and Fans
  • Compressed Air
  • HVAC system